use of section6runs intellectual property

...or more plainly said, the photo images.  


Copyright is an exclusive right that is automatically assigned to the creator (Section6Runs) at the moment the work is created.  It is defined as  “a person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell his or her original work of authorship”.

As a photographer, this means that the moment an image is captured, the copyright to that image belongs to Reinhardt W. Wende Jr. (Section6Runs.) The only exception to this is when Section6Runs has a specific legal arrangement to take the photographs for somebody else (under a work for hire arrangement for example), but this must exist in advance or else a legally binding document must be created that transfers the copyright from the photographer, once they have captured the images.

What is copyright infringement?

 A copyright infringement occurs when an image is used without permission or license from the person who created it. It also occurs when the terms of the license for use are not properly adhered to. 

So Why is Section6Runs Posting This?

Because there have been a number of cases where photos taken by Section6Runs have been found in school display cases, year books and on social media with the watermark still present on the image.  You DO NOT have the right to take any images without permission from Section6Runs. If you do, it is considered stolen property and susceptible to legal action.

How Do I Avoid Infringing on Section6Runs Rights?

Simple...all photo images taken by Section6Runs at XC and track & field meets are available for sale either as downloads or prints.  Just purchase the images...the prices are more than reasonable, especially the downloads.  

If you have a desire to purchase a significant number of images for, say a banquet, contact me and we can work on a discount.  If you have some sort of   

extraordinary circumstance where purchasing images is difficult, contact me.